About Bully Proofing Your Child

We encourage you to have conversations with your child about bullying.  Here are some conversation-starters to find out what your child thinks about bullying. These would be great to have prior to their encountering bullies.


Do you feel like a“tattletale” if you tell an adult that someone was bullying someone?
Think about it like this: “Are you telling on them just to get the bully in trouble? OR are you telling so that you help the other kid OUT of trouble (by saving something bad happening to them)?

Do you or your friends ever leave other students out of activities?
How can you get your friends to INCLUDE more kids, not exclude them?

Have you ever called another person names?
Do you think that is bullying?

I’m interested in your thoughts and feelings about bullying.
What does the word “bullying” mean to you?

What do you usually do when you see bullying going on?

What things do you think parents could/should do to help stop bullying?


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