NEURAL DEVELOPMENT: “What fires together, wires together.” 

We help students identify times in their lives that they have identified particular strengths. Sometimes they know these examples, and sometimes we need to give them ideas.

Students are encouraged to draw themselves in action. This reminds them visually of their strength.

Then students are encouraged to recopy their heart qualities in their own handwriting. We do this for several reasons, but the main reason is that by recopying, they spend extra time echoing and re-echoing the positive messages in their head.  In education we say, “what fires together, wires together.” We mean that what we fire in our brains repeatedly becomes automatic. 

We want our children to wire their brains for strength and resilience, to automatically know that they are BRAVE, STRONG, DEPENDABLE, GENEROUS, CREATIVE, KIND, and most important of all….WILLING TO KEEP TRYING.