Tell Jayne Your Stories

We often hear, “There will always be bullies.”

…but we can change this situation together. 

In the front of both The Truest Heart: A Story to Share to Overcome Bullying, and The Bravest Hearts: Empowering Our Friends, the author gives limited copyrights to teachers.  Over the course of several years, many children have shared their strengths with Jayne.  These are provided for teachers to use with students, to start the ideas flowing but also so that kids who are “stuck” trying to think of their strengths can have some starter ideas.  Jayne continues to build this “bank” of strengths.  Teachers, please send along examples–sending pictures and/or stories– to  this link so that together we build the resilience that helps kids feel less vulnerable.


Is your school doing special things to try to prevent bullying? I’d like to hear so that we can share good ideas with other teachers.

 Tell us about your school’s rules and programs against bullying.