School presentations are $50 for up to three classrooms. The cost of the visits are offset if books are purchased.  Bulk purchase discounts of books are also available.  To find out more, email Jayne Sbarboro

Schools choose between:

  •  Author visit which the author shares one or both stories, and focuses on writing process including editing, illustrations  and other ideas related to publications.
  • Truest Heart “Keepsakes and Companions” visit, a presentation to children and adults.  This presentation begins a conversation that is necessarily followed up by the children’s adult allies.  This is because children most believe hurtful comments and bullying behavior when they target children’s secret fears.  A comment about “being stupid” hits much harder when someone is afraid they may not be as smart as others.  A comment about being “fat” feels worse when we aren’t sure of our body image.  It’s important that we choose to develop strengths around vulnerabilities.  The adults in the children’s lives understand the vulnerabilities and can build kids up quicker.  Consider purchasing a Keepsake Companion  to use with your child.